Our Champions

Our success breeding champions goes back to the early sixties with big horses.  With big horses we had one world champion and an Olympic jumper we bred and trained.  We got out of horses for a while and bred and raised multiple champion dogs, Basenjis, Whippets, and Vizslas.  You can still see blood lines of our dogs when you watch the Westminster Dog Show.  With the mini world we have had more success than we ever imagined.  At last count we have had 10 foals from our program become champions.  We have also foaled out many champions for others at LymrickFarm.

Our secret is simple, treat all animals with loving care and a gentle hand.  Be patient and you will get good results.  We always breed for quality, not quantity.

Below are pictures of just a few of our Champions.
Pat and Linda McGinnis
Oak Harbor, Washington USA
Copyright 2013 by JCO Enterprises
Royal Redbirds Tyke - 6 HOF
Lymricks Pure Platium
Samis Vegas Nite - HOF
R&B Champaign and Lace - HOF
Pheasant Run Mr. Tea
Nashvilles Code Name Red Tango - HOF
Lymricks Vegas Winning TNTC "Willie"
Lymricks Vegas Showgirl (aka Peggy) - A winner in jumping, hunter, and obstacles.  Finished 4th in Nationals for Western Pleasure.  A great broodmare